March 19, 2018

2nd Annual All-Night Horrorthon Fundraiser!

If you were able to score tickets to the first annual Trylon Horrorthon Fundraiser, you'll remember it was a blast despite the cramped accommodations. This time around, it's a brand new Trylon with big cushy seats, more leg room for stretching out and an additional film added to the roster! And like last year, if you make it through all the movies, you get a screen printed poster designed and printed by Tim!

Each of the Trylon's movie-marathon extravaganzas have sold out so far, so grab your tickets while you still can, sleep in as late as possible March 30th, and be counted as one of the survivors!

 2nd Annual All-Night Horrorthon Fundraiser at the Trylon Cinema, Friday March 30th @ 7:00pm, $40.00 for six movies (that's only $6.66 per flick! Oh dear...) 

March 6, 2018

March's Mystery Movie: Third Clue

Clue #3: Most everyone who worked on this month's movie didn't go on to do much else, except for some people in the camera department. One of them went on to shoot some of the more notable documentaries of the last 25 years, and another went on to work with people like James Cameron, Oliver Stone, Kathryn Bigelow, Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palma.

Tape Freaks Presents: March's Mystery Movie at the Trylon Cinema, Wednesday, March 7th @ 7:00pm, only $5!

March 5, 2018

Creature Features: Slither

It's no secret that Tim loves creature features and James Gunn, so it should come as no surprise that Slither is one of Tim's all time favorite creature movies!

So... it's a movie about aquatic slugs?
The plot unfolds something like this: A sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere is the first Earthly stop for an extraterrestrial parasite bent on world domination. The town's sheriff and a ragtag group of towns folk are the only ones standing between this single-minded monster from space and the rest of the planet.

James Gunn's first feature as directer: Originally Gunn had written this as a script to sell, but was talked into directing it, despite no longer being interested in the horror genre.

Not even the worst he'll look.
The creatures: There are a variety of exceptionally gross creatures in this flick, and the longer things go on, the larger and grosser those creatures get. By the final scene Michael Rooker's wearing one of the largest practical monster effects I've ever seen an actor actually inside of. Evidently the weight of the massive apparatus caused Rooker injuries that persist to this day.

Always read the whole script: Another of the massive creature apparatus was worn by actress Brenda James. However when Brenda signed on to the project, she'd only read the script through her character's first appearance, so when they asked her to come in for a prosthetic test, she was a bit confused. She decided to read the rest of the script on her flight to the effects studio and, according to her, once she fully realized what she had signed up for, she spent the rest of her flight sobbing.

That's how you get lyme disease.
The Mayor looks familiar: Gregg Henry (who plays the mayor) is Star-Lord's grandpa in the Guardian movies, and the second lead in Just Before Dawn!

Box office bomb: This movie was a flop for the studio, but it's a fun movie that didn't get a fair shot. The poster doesn't tell you much of anything and the trailers sold it as a straight forward horror, so maybe if audiences had known this was a horror-comedy it would have done better. But horror-comedies never do well in the theater, even ones that became classics later on, so maybe this gem was doomed no matter what.

This Ghana poster represents the tone of the film one thousand times more accurately.

March 2, 2018

March's Mystery Movie: Second Clue

Clue #2: The creature work for this month's movie was done by an artist who did creature work on a couple movies we screened during our days at the MOA.

Tape Freaks Presents: March's Mystery Movie at the Trylon Cinema, Wednesday, March 7th @ 7:00pm, only $5!

February 28, 2018

Creature Features: The Strangeness

We'd had this movie on our "to watch" short list for a while before we finally got around to watching it last month. It was full of surprises to say the least!

The plot unfolds something like this: A mining company has decided to gather a rag-tag team of non-miners to blast a caved-in mine to determine if it's worth sending an actual team of miners to mine whatever's in said mine. Together this ragtag team will descend into a mine, and INSTANTLY get lost. (Would you expect anything less of a team of nine random people?) While trying to navigate their way back to the surface, they discover the blasting has angered an ancient monster living in the mine. With supplies dwindling, and chaos growing, they descend further into the mine hoping to out run the monster. But by going deeper under ground... how will they ever find their way out? [Spoiler: as a total shock to us, someone actually does get out, and it's completely asinine.]

Sounds kind of familiar: If this sort of sounds like the mining version of the Decent, and it sort of is. Though compared to Strangeness, the Decent is an action packed thrill-ride.

Slow is an understatement: There are some key scenes that make this film worth watching (if you're into cheesy monster flicks), but everything between is brutally slow. This movie that falls into the "watch it with a loud group" category, otherwise it might be kind of unbearable.

DIY in the best-worst ways: This film feels like it was made by a bunch of friends on a lark (especially in the acting department), but there are some production elements that don't add up. For instance the mine looks like it was built on a sound stage, but there's no way this production had a sound stage in the budget. So, when we noticed our Blu-ray had an interview with the director, we had to watch. To our amazement this was indeed a bunch of recent film school grads shooting a film in someone's back yard with very little independent financing. It's sort of mind blowing that they pulled off the production value they did but, it seems like they were so excited to make a movie on their own terms, they just did it. (Not surprisingly, the two people who went on to have some modest success in film making after working on this flick were the guys responsible for the effects and title treatment.)

The blessing of IMDB: We were about 10 mins into watching this gem when Tim looked it up on IMDB. He quickly noticed the director was listed as a woman named Melanie Anne Phillips, though the title credits had listed the director as "David Michael Hillman". After the movie, when we watched the interview with the director, Melanie was the person being interviewed but the name difference never came up. So I dug a bit deeper in to Melanie and discovered that a few years after directing this movie as David, she began hormone therapy to transition to Melanie. At the start of that journey, she decided to chronicle her transition and eventually published it as the first online transition diary. Around the same time she also started one of the first online transgender support websites, and co-developed a very popular story structure computer program. (That program is still popular enough today that when I googled "story development software" it came up second in the search results, and sixth when I dropped "software" from the search.) It's not often we come across movies from these eras that are directed/written/produced/etc by anyone but white cis men, but the more of them we watch, the more we run into the welcome exceptions to the rules. (Melanie's site is still active, and you can read her transition diary here.)

February 26, 2018

March's Mystery Movie: First Clue

Clue #1: This month's creature feature is an obscure gem from the heyday of 80's rubber monster movies.

Tape Freaks Presents: March's Mystery Movie at the Trylon Cinema, Wednesday, March 7th @ 7:00pm, only $5!

February 6, 2018

February's Mystery Movie Third Clue

Clue #3: This month's movie features some mind-blowing practical effects work.

Tape Freaks Presents: February's Mystery Movie at the Trylon Cinema, Wednesday, February 7th @ 7:00pm, only $5!