May 24, 2019

First Clue: June's Mystery Movie

Clue #1: This month's movie features a stunt actor who is also a trailblazer for female stunt coordinators. (She is also credited with stunt work on one episode of Rizzoli & Isles, a show that has been relentlessly coming across our radar of late.)

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April 30, 2019

Third Clue: May's Mystery Movie

Clue #3: This month's movie features an actress that had a minor role in one of Quentin Tarantino's first films, has a tiny speaking roll in a Star Wars movie, and appears in one of the modern Sherlock Holmes movies.

Tape Freaks Presents: May's Mystery Movie at the Trylon CinemaMay 1st @ 7:00pm, only $5!

April 29, 2019

Second Clue: May's Mystery Movie

Clue #2: This month's merch will prominently feature an actor who was prominently featured on another Tape Freaks t-shirt. This is only the second time that's happened for us so far!

Tape Freaks Presents: May's Mystery Movie at the Trylon CinemaMay 1st @ 7:00pm, only $5!

The Less You Know The Better: The List

There are so many movies that we love that we can't write about on this blog, mostly because telling you the interesting parts ruins the twists in the movie. We've noticed this theme mostly in horror movies

Get Out:
You really should only know that this is a horror movie about a guy meeting his girlfriend's parents. But that's not an entirely interesting sell. Luckily Jordan Peele is really good at crafting trailers that sell the movie without ruining the film! Though even then, I wish I could have watched this movie with prior knowledge to speak of. So, if you somehow don't know much about this movie and still haven't seen it: just watch it.

You're Next:
The most you should know about his movie is that a family isolated in the woods gets harassed by masked intruders. And knowing just that, you might politely pass. But that's only the surface level of what's going on here. If you like horror that takes left turns that are grounded in the film's reality: just watch this one.

Bone Tomahawk:
Not a horror movie, not a western, not a misfit team-up movie, but it's also all of those things. This movie sets up like a pretty straightforward horror movie, but only gets gory in the final act of the film. That said, if we told you what this movie was really about, you might not appreciate the set-up as much. If you like slow burn westerns and graphic violence: just watch this one.

The Guest:
Another movie with a slow burn set-up, but this movie is unsettling from start to finish when you don't know anything about it. The tone in the first half manages to carry through the final acts, which is largely due to a cast who knows what they're doing and does it well. If you like horror movies that examine psychological wellness of it's characters: just watch this one.

The Ritual:
After the death of one of their friends, a bunch of guys go camping in the Scandinavian wilderness. Each of the men are processing the death of their friend in different ways, most of them aren't on the healthy end of the healing spectrum. But that's just the beginning of their troubles on this very doomed camping trip, and that's all I can really tell you without ruining anything! If you want to watch a horror movie that will make you never want to visit the Scandinavian wilderness: just watch this one.

April 24, 2019

First Clue: May's Mystery Movie

Clue #1: This month's movie is a genre mashing film that includes horror and action elements.

Tape Freaks Presents: May's Mystery Movie at the Trylon CinemaMay 1st @ 7:00pm, only $5!

April 2, 2019

Third Clue: April's Mystery Movie

Clue #3: This month's movie might feature a young member of an instantly recognizable Australian 90s alt-rock band. (But incase that's just internet lore, this movie is for sure based on a book of the same title.)

Tape Freaks Presents: April's Mystery Movie at the Trylon CinemaApril 3rd @ 7:00pm, only $5!

March 29, 2019

Eco-Horror Part II: The Thaw

This movie made weird choices. Not all of them were meant to be entertaining, but most of them were anyway.

The plot unfolds something like this: An Arctic research station finds a woolly mammoth in a melting glacier, and quickly discover the cause of it's death: a particularly ravenous parasite. What they decide to do next might permanently change the course of human life on this planet, as long as everything goes according to plan...

This movie stars Val Kilmer: But also, he's barely in the film. At the start of the film we watch his video-journal entry on the subject of their discovery, but he doesn't really show up again until much, much later.

This guy should have died three mins in.

Cross contamination? What's that?: Most of the people we see doing scientific work in the film are students, but between them there's almost zero understanding of what could contain a bug infestation. You'd think at least one of them must have lived somewhere where cockroaches were a problem, or had an entomology class, or even a minimum understanding of how air ducts work. But no, they all think doors will stop bugs from leaving a room, and it's hilarious.

Some interesting gore: In this otherwise tame movie there's some fun gross-out effects, not the least of which when they amputate someone's limb!

Well that escalated quickly: [SPOILERS] The original research team goes from "oh, a woolly mammoth" to "let's unleash the world's greatest plague" in record time. It's sort of a refreshing portrayal of eco-activists, where normally they'd be clueless tree-hugging-hippies or over-the-top characters of evil, but it really goes from zero to 60 in record time.

But did we like it?: It was entertaining, in a CW show kind of way.