January 12, 2014

Trailer Trash 3, People 0

If you haven’t seen a Trailer Trash showing yet, you have another opportunity! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to gush. Trailer Trash is a 35mm labor of mutual love between Chris Grap and Tim Holly. That is to say they mutually love film… And they love films of all caliber: good, bad, under appreciated, or the straight unbearable! They also love to amass collections of “dead” but tactile technologies (see also records and VHS). But you know what they mutually love most? Sharing painfully bad films with friends. 

Trailer Trash is particularly special this time ‘round; everyone who buys a ticket is welcome to stay and watch a super secret movie after the main event! I can tell you almost nothing of what the flick will be, but I can say: you have not seen a movie the likes of this on a big screen anywhere else in town. Or possibly the country… Maybe the planet…

Come and see the best things on 35mm. Truly, it will be the greatest night ever!

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