February 24, 2014

Carrie, and Hellraiser in Space

There are some fun things at Trylon Microcinema this week. I enjoy their divergences from serious cinematic programing, not because serious cinema isn't completely wonderful, but Trylon offers the underexposed cream of every genre; even horror. Trylon screenings also fill with people who genuinely love film, so don't miss a chance to watch these classics on the big screen surrounded by people who share your love for under-appreciated flicks!

Carrie ends a fantastic Sissy Spacek retrospective. Carrie is one of my all time favorite horror movies with great subject matter, great performances, cinematography saturated in glorious color, and loads of gratifying kills.

HellraiserIV: Bloodline closes Trash Film Debauchery's run of “in space” movies. As well as taking place in space, Hellraiser IV features Adam Scott as the toymaker! (Always take the opportunity to catch a TFD show, Theresa's bad movie taste is impeccable!)

Carrie @ Trylon Microcinema, February 25th/7 & 9pm/$8

Hellraiser IV: Bloodline @ Trylon Microcinema, February 26th/7pm/$5

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