April 17, 2014

Big Trouble and John Carpenter's legit band.

John Carpenter directed some of our favorite movies, and nearly all of those movies he scored himself. Likely utilizing latent talents to save on budget costs, those scores have influenced countless filmmakers and musicians through the years. As if that wasn't enough, in the mid 80's Carpenter recruited fellow filmmakers Tommy Lee Wallace (dir Halloween 3, It, Fright Night 2) and Nick Castle (dir The Last Starfighter, Major Payne, and writer of this magical number "Everyone's coming to NY"  from Escape From New York) and formed the band “The Coupe de Villes”.

And, for what seems to be a hobby band, they were fairly prolific. They released a full length album, wrote some songs for soundtracks, and made a music video. Yes, that's right: a music video. It is as splendored, as it is painful.

Obviously that song was written for Big Trouble in Little China, and if watching that amazing feat of musical courage reminded you how much you love Big Trouble, hit up Trylon Microcinema April 18-20th. They're also screening Buckaroo Banzai in a weekend in a line up Trylon's had on their wish list for years. (I was lucky enough to help them celebrate by designing the poster for the double header!)

Obviously we'll be attending one of these screenings since few things are funner than filling* a Trylon screening with 15 of your friends and watching a movie you all love to death!

Psst: If you want to buy one of those posters, they're for sale at Trylon. They sell small prints of all their posters for 10 bucks. Sales towards keeping the (completely non-profit) theater going for another year. Support a cool theater and get a sweet poster in the process!

*To actually fill a Trylon screening, you'd have to bring 50 of your friends, but 15 of your posse will make you feel like a film nerd gangster to be sure!


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