June 13, 2014

The Shining everything!

Awhile back Mondo put out their Room 237 clothing line and fairly quickly sold every single item. Lucky for us, Mondo was never the only name in the clothing-designed-from-famous-carpets business! The internet offers us everything from ties, to tee shirts, to shorts, to sport coats, to chef coats, to pants, to skirts, to more shorts, to belt buckles, to socks, and so on forever!

Now you might be wondering where we found so many amazing Overlook carpet themed items. Most of them came from the best tumblr you'll ever find on the subject of The Shining: The Overlook Hotel. It's wonderfully curated with posts about the movie's actors, wardrobe, set design, behind the scenes, current fashion, locations, homages, you name it! Check them out (or go on a impulse shopping spree) and get yourself pumped for The Shining on the big screen!

TheShining @ MOA Theaters, June 15th, 7:30pm, $5

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