January 1, 2015

We're hosting our own series at the Mall of America!

That's right, we've taken on a monthly series at Theatres at Mall of America. Each month we will bring you a weird, unique, and cheesy movie we think deserve a larger audience. This series is based on the days when scouring the shelves of your local video store, relying on the cover art and misleading descriptions on the backs, would get you movies that would blow you away, make you cringe or both. And when you found the best of the worst, you'd invite all your buddies over to gleefully watch them be blown away too. Well friends, we've been to the video store and we've got some things to show you! We've got movies you've forgotten about, never heard of, or only heard of, and all of them are worth watching in a room full of people.

 The movies will remain secret until the title hits the screen, but we'll be dropping hints on the Tape Freaks blog to give you an idea of what to expect. We'll be exploring movies, directors, actors, and actresses that somehow relate to the movie we've chosen. The movies will screen* every 3rd Thursday and we'll be doing giveaways before each screening.

 Hopefully we'll blow some minds, but we're most excited to watch some fun and strange movies with other like minded individuals on the big screen!

 See you there! -Tim and Colette

 (*We're sourcing the best versions we can, but sometimes we're going to be screeining actual VHS copies because that's all the further they were allowed to get in the home viewing world.)

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