July 13, 2015

Double Feature: Exterminator 2 and Captain America (1990)

One of these movies is better than the other, and you may be wrong about which is which.

Exterminator 2:

Oh the splendid pain that is Exterminator 2. How it's a sequel is puzzling as it has little to do with the first installment aside from featuring the same flame-throwing vigilante. But, it does feature some excellent deep hurting delivered by Mario Van Peebles and Robert Ginty, allowing Frankie Faison to effortlessly steal every scene he's in. There's also some seriously insane stuff involving the Exterminator's love interest... But, you'll won't learn any of that from watching the trailer!

Captain America (1990)

That's right, there was Captain America movie in the 90s. We watched it on the 4th of July this year and it caught us off guard. We thought we were in for a doozie, but it never got truly bad. There are some fun action sequences, an enjoyable villain, surprising make-up effects, and the bad guy from Robocop is the good-guy president! But it's far from flawless, the story gets really muddy and Captain is far too old for the part for starters. Over all though, it's a pretty valiant effort from Albert Pyun considering the constraints he was likely faced with.

Why this makes a good double feature: After Exterminator 2 this Captain America will seem as good as Winter Solder. 

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