January 22, 2016

Our top three Marvel Cinematic Universe releases.

We're fans of the Marvel Universe, it's not a secret. And since there's so much in that universe now, we've got our top three favs and they all overlap.

The 2 & 3 slot:
Iron Man 3 & Captain America: Winter Solder

Both of these films feature heroes digging deeper into their humanity. Both are filled with great characters and action. It's really hard for us to decide which of these is our favorite. Cap' has the A-FREAKING-MAZING elevator fight scene, Iron Man has Robert Downey Jr spouting Shane Black dialogue in the best possible ways. Winter Solder has the best use of both Black Widow and Nick Fury thus far, Iron Man makes use of female characters in an action setting in some pretty important ways.Winter Solder has the best car chase scene ever, Iron Man has an epic battle using all the suits in Tony's arsenal. Winter Solder introduces Falcon, Iron Man gives War Machine Iron Patriot the screen time he deserves. It's hard to put one ahead of the other. But today when you ask us, Tim likes Winter Solder more and I'm all about Iron Man 3...

Our number one:
Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones has so many of our favorite things in one thing, it's impossible for it not to be our top pick. None of the characters are clear cut good or bad. They actually take the time process the inexplicable things that happen to them, or if they don't they suffer for it. There's a good amount of balance in each character, even the clear cut villain. The story is fresh, the motivations are believable, the acting is fantastic. We really only came away with one complaint: it's not shot as well as Daredevil. But that's sort of it. It's not perfect, but the flaws don't stand out from one moment to the next (with the one exception). Every character brings something fantastic to the plot, each episode moves the story along, each episode is more intense than the last. It's basically a modern hard boiled detective noir story. Netflix had a pretty solid start with Daredevil (also great) and Jessica Jones blew that straight out of the water, hopefully that carries through to Luke Cage.

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