April 5, 2017

Remakes: The Fly

We blew our friend's mind the other day by introducing her to The Fly remake staring Jeff Goldblum. She's a Goldblum fanatic but had absolutely no clue this movie existed, and that made the absolute best viewing experience! (If you have no concept of what The Fly is, and love horror/sci-fi movies, please don't read any further and just watch this movie.)

The plot unfolds something like this: Seth Brundle has successfully created a matter transporter! While celebrating his success with his new girlfriend, she abruptly leaves to tell her slimy ex to f-off. This upsets Brundle, so he drunkenly lashes out at the world by transporting himself. Unfortunately, he's not the only passenger on that ride. The presence of extra DNA triggers changes in Seth that take him from ripped-as-fuck scientist, to something new... something that's never existed before...

Watching this with a novice: At the start of the film our friend was making fun of Goldblum's hair and making cracks about us blowing the popularity of this movie out of proportion, normal stuff really until Goldblum's shirt came off. Then she was all "oh my!" and "look at him!" for a good long while. But it wasn't until just after Goldblum's gymnastic routine, when she said "I think I'm getting what's going on here", that we really understood how little she knew about this story. Seriously, she had no idea he was going to turn into a fly monster. NONE! When bits of him started falling off, she freaked out, and she still didn't know it was going to get nothing but worse! And the entire time, she was convinced that this was some kind of unheard of movie, something that we only knew about because we love horror.

The end: By the time we got to the final scene of the film, it was Tim and I that were in for the surprise. Our friend was about as upset about Brundle Fly's demise as she was about the puppy dying at the start of John Wick (which was also a surprise for her).

Don't get this twisted: Our friend is not a movie watching novice. She knows some shit about some shit, but apparently there's some stuff so far off her radar she thinks we've made it up! (And she loved this film, as everyone who loves horror/sci-fi should!)

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