July 4, 2017

July's Mystery Movie Screening

In addition to being on the road and on a Thursday, here are a few other things you should know about this month's screening:

  • Parking is kind of a pain: Parking in the lot without a resident permit will get you towed by Rapid Towing (and Rapid is not to be tested) so if you drive you're limited to street parking. Park on Charles Ave, Hamden Ave, Lasalle St ~or~ take the light rail, the 16/87/63K/67 bus, bike, or walk. But whatever you do, do not park in the Carleton lot.
  • The Carleton Artist Lofts are right off the Green Line: You can literally walk off the Raymond Station platform into the Carleton building! Take the train (or bus) and save the hassle of finding parking.
  • This is a bring your own snack kind of situation: We might have some popcorn, sugary cold snacks, and water on hand, but if you want anything else you're gonna have to bring it. (Feel free to bring stuff to keep to yourself, or to share with the group!) 

Those are the main things to be aware of, the only other thing we can think of is that the chair situation is abundant, but very no-frill. So if you have a favorite traveling chair (like our favorite lounge chairs to bring to the drive-in), feel free to bring those. 

Just a tiny taste of how extra we're gonna be this month.

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