June 24, 2011

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

(It's a bad sign when a movie trailer does not contain any actual footage from the movie...)

Our rated-R copy of this installment in the series cuts nearly all the gore out, leaving this one more of an implied “massacre”. Interesting enough to keep our attention through the whole 81 minutes, mostly due to good pacing and decent acting…except for the lead actress and actor. (If you’re teaching a class in stereotypical 90’s B-movie acting, these two should be your trailblazing examples.) Over all, this movie was pretty bland.

The plot unfolds something like this: A young couple on a road trip run into trouble at a small gas station in the middle of nowhere Texas. While fleeing the scene they make a wrong turn and end up on a collision course with Leatherface and family. They also end up on a collision course with a weekend survivalist (Ken Foree) with whom they actually collide. Together they must survive being hunted by the family of massacarers.

Things to watch for: A checkpoint set up to over look a heinous crime scene. The blonde, oversized wire rimed glasses wearing character (these pop up a lot in our movie viewing, next time your watching a 90’s movie, keep an eye out for one.)

Yep, that’s: Viggo Mortensen

A “That guy!” moment with: Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead)

What the filmmakers might have been thinking: We really want to make this a successful addition to this franchise; we’d better take out all the gory parts…

What we learned: If you want to make a well received contribution to a horror movie franchise, you must have some horror in your movie.

Previews: Heart Condition
Tag line: “He puts the teeth in terror.”
Choice line from the synopsis: “The legend that became a nightmare continues.”
VHS release company: RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video
Running time: 81 minutes
VHS release: 1990
Original release: 1990

Our rating: Better with a group.

Super nerd fact: This movie has since been released on DVD uncut and is supposed to be very enjoyable (though we have not seen it). If you want to give this movie a chance, we suggest the finding the unrated version, because frankly, this movie could have been pretty good with some gore in it!

           (left to right, top to bottom)
           1. Hauling dead bodies past the cars on the highway.
                 2. Body pit.
                 3. Everybody’s favorite Ken Foree!
                 4. The annoying stars of this film.
                 5. Whose ear is that?
                 6. Hello Mr. Mortensen.
                 7. Just precious.
                 8. Just your average blonde, oversized-wire-rimed-glasses wearing guy.
                 9. No TCM movie is complete without grandpa!

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