October 22, 2014

Halloween III with Tom Atkins.

I am beyond excited for tomorrow. Not only do I get to see one of my favorite Halloween movies on the big screen but I get to do it in the presence of a true badass and MVP* of Horror for the Holidays this year, TOM ATKINS!! 

Ive never actually been able to see Halloween 3 in a theater before. Ive never even heard of anyone screening it around here, since most people seem to hate it. I on the other hand have always thought it got a bad wrap.

You throw together some H. P. Lovecraft/old world witchcraft and mix it with 80's telecommunications technology. Then add some commentary on consumerism and advertising. Put it together with fantastic cinematography by Dean Cundey, a great synth score by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth, and of course my favorite beer drinking leading man Tom Atkins. Im not sure whats not to like.

Get down to the Starbar in the Theaters starting at 6:30 to snag one of 50 limited edition posters I made for the event and if your there real early you will also get one of these sweet Halloween 3 button packs.

7:30 start time with a really great vintage trailer pack, Halloween 3 and then followed by a Q&A with Tom Atkins.

All for $5. At Theatres at Mall of America.

* We played My Bloody Valentine 3D, Night of the Creeps and Halloween 3 this year all starring Tom Atkins!

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