October 30, 2014

Dick Miller Triple Feature Tonight in the Twin Cities!?

If you've made it out to all of the JoeDante series screenings, you may have noticed a certain actor making brief but memorable appearances in each flick. In Small Soldiers he was the toy delivery driver, in Piranha he was the resort owner, in The Howling he was the bookstore owner, in The Burbs he was one of the garbage men,and tonight he'll be plow driver Murray Futterman in both Gremlins 1 & 2. (Bonus Horror for the Holidays appearance: in Night of the Creeps he's the guy who gives the flame thrower to Tom Atkins!) Yes, we are talking about everyone's favorite “that guy” Dick Miller!

We've been pumped for the Gremlins double feature all month long, and just yesterday it was brought to our attention that we could make this a triple feature night if we stopped by The Southern Theater. The Southern has been featuring some pretty fantastic plays, performance pieces, and live accompaniment movies this month, and after each day's performances they've topped the night off with some amazing movie screenings. Tonight they are screening the original Little Shop of Horrors, featuring the one and only Dick Miller!

So come see Gremlins 1 & 2 and make the drive over to the Southern Theater by 12:45AM and catch LittleShop of Horrors in an amazing old theater. (if you get there a little early you can see some of Tim's monster taxidermy adorning the walls to boot) We're totally making it a Miller triple feature night, join us won't you?

Gremlins 7:30 and Gremlins 2 (on 35mm) 9:30(ish) @ Theatres at Mall of America, 5 bucks each movie. Little Shop of Horrors 12:45 @ The Southern Theater, free!

Super Awesome Bonus Trivia:
Dick Miller has appeared in at least 174 films, and we've seen our fair share of them, but so far we've only seen him play the lead in one film. Dick stars in the Roger Corman classic Bucket of Blood as a beatnik sculptor Walter Paisley. That character name became somewhat of a inside joke to those who loved to cast him. In The Howling, Chopping Mall, Twilight Zone The Movie, and a handful of other films his character credit is some version of Walter Paisley. (We're beside ourselves excited for the documentary That Guy Dick Miller to be released, we've heard nothing but good things about it and we could listen to stories about Mr. Miller all day!)

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