November 18, 2014

Michael Crichton

Usually recognized as the guy who wrote Jurassic Park and Lost World (and The Andromeda Strain, and Congo, and Sphere) Michael Crichton’s career wasn’t all writing books that were well suited to be made into movies. He was also a director and almost a doctor.

Crichton pursued a writing degree long before he went down the path to science. But when he felt one of his literary professors was unfairly grading him, he switched his undergrad to biological anthropology and ultimately enrolled in Harvard Medical School. While in med school he wrote the Andromeda Strain and a Case of Need (the latter winning him an Edgar Award). After becoming disenchanted by the medical field’s priority to doctors careers over patient's needs, he didn’t pursue his licence to practice medicine after obtaining his M.D.. Instead he shifted his focus to writing, and eventually directing films based on his own novels or screenplays. Eventually he tapped into his medical school experiences to create and executive produce the hugely successful T.V. series E.R.

Coincidentally, the 3rd film in the Theaters of MOA Movember series happens to be Runaway, Michael Crichton's 80’s killer robot flick starring Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons. Don’t miss an opportunity to see what kind of gems Crichton committed to screen!

Wednesday Nov 19th, Theaters of MoA @ 7:30, Free with suggested donation.

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