December 17, 2014

Have you seen these kids?

If you aren't familiar with Y.N. Rich Kids, take a second to get aquatinted because they will be hosting the Defenders Series at the Trylon microcinema tonight! To quote the organizer "Their movie pick is amazing by the way. You'll be surprised.

The Defenders Series is always hosted by a local celebrity who picks a movie to screen No one in the audience knows what's been chosen, and after the movie ends the Defender stands in front of the audience to defend their selection. It's amazing, and to the best of my knowledge it's never been hosted by a kid (let alone a group of them) before. Don't miss this amazing chance to see what these bright and talented kids have selected to Defend!

Tonight (Wed 12/17) @ 7pm, Trylon microcinema $8 (half of the proceeds will go to the Beats & Rhymes Program at the Harold Mezile YMCA.)

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