June 2, 2015

Blood Freak

Blood Freak (the movie title we based our blog's title on!) is one of those anything can happen movies, on par with Blood Feast and Something Weird. Just when you think things couldn't get weirder, they throw the kitchen sink at you.

The plot unfolds something like this: Homeless war vet Herschell befriends good-natured christian girl Angel when her car breaks down on the highway. She invites her new friend to stay with her, and finds him a job working on a poultry farm. Meanwhile Angel's sister Ann has her sights set on Herschell's affection, to no avail. Her pusher hatches a scheme to help her by giving him on an addictive mystery drug through a laced joint. Back at the turkey farm, Herschell is bribed with more joints to taste test some new chemically modified turkeys. Will the turkeys be safe? Will the weed interact with the genetically modified meat? Will the title of the movie tie in to the story somehow?

The Narrator: This basement-budget movie has a narrator who sits at a desk, chain smoking cigarettes in a wood-panel basement. And he doesn't just bookend the movie with beatnik pontifications, he interjects his whacked out ideas throughout the flick. Oh, he's also the co-director/writer of this picture! (The other director, of course, is our war vet Herchell.)

Things to watch for: What looks like a weed addiction, if you miss a key bit of dialogue. A blood thirsty drug addict. The best werechicken mask you'll ever lay eyes on. The fastest drug addiction ever. Ahead-of-it's-time commentary on chemically altering our foods. The fastest decision to dump a body (before checking for vital signs) ever. A chicken-headed werevampire that feeds on the blood of drug addicts.

Tag line: A dracula on drugs.

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