November 17, 2015

Anti-Consumerism November: Weaponized Stuff

There's nothing evil corporations love more than selling weapons. Here are three movies that call into question how good of an idea that might be...


What happens when you're the only survivor of an alien attack on your spaceship? The company that rescues you makes you go back to that ship so they can bring said alien to your home planet and weaponize it. What the hell could possibly go wrong?

This is a crazy amazing action movie with an anti-corporate subtext (though, the subtext is not so “sub”, I mean Cameron isn't known for his light touch...) that touches on how the commodification of living things on this planet gets us into tremendous trouble, and how that greed could undo us entirely when we start applying it interstellerly.

Carnasaur 2:

The first Carnasaur pretty explicitly lampoons corporate hierarchies, where as the second installment explores how one person's bend to destroy the world intentionally, could leave a door open for another person to unintentionally do the same exact thing.

This time it's government that's hording dangerous organisms for weapons research, and you can pretty well guess how things unfold.

Death Machine:

The insatiable drive for humans to control all things doesn't end at living creatures, they also must conquer the stuff they created themselves; machines. The same basic primes of Carnasaur, with the gritty action of Alien. And it's not completely bad to boot!

Hayden Cale comes to work one day to discover protesters are angry about secrets her corporation has been keeping from the public. When she finds out there's a thread of truth to the protesters' grievances, she orders the shut down of all active projects for independent review. That's when Jack Dante (Brad Dourif) lays down the gauntlet...

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