November 17, 2015

Anti-consumerism November: Corporations and Genetics

Genetics has long been a topic covered in anti-corporation movies, and the outcome is never good for the consumer. Here's some of our favorites: 


Leaving an unstable genetics researcher completely to her on devices can have unexpected results, if you don't think about it for more than ten seconds... But you know, competitive products, cutting costs, longer shelf lives, happy shareholders, etc.

Carnosaur Trailer by trailermov

Black Sheep:

It's not often the IMDB description of a movie can't be improved upon, but this is one of those instances: An experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless sheep into blood-thirsty killers that terrorize a sprawling New Zealand farm.

Really though, if you've not watched this one, you're missing out...

Blood Freak:

What do you get when you combine genetic testing, recreational drugs, and PTSD? A vampire were-chicken, obviously...

The Clones (1973):

We've not seen this movie in full, but the trailer was in a Trailer Trash lineup and rightly brought the house down. Aside from that, there is nothing I can say about this trailer that it doesn't explicitly say itself.

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