December 9, 2015

Shane Black X-mas

Shane Black loves writing movies that take place during the holidays. He says it grounds the stories, makes them instantly relatable. And that might be true, but it also gives his usually depressed main characters a suitable environment in which to be depressed. But whatever the reason, it makes Shane Black movies our favorite part of the holiday season.

The Last Boy Scout:

An ex-football player and a private eye team up after uncovering a plot to legalize sports gambling. They also make horribly misogynistic, homophobic, and vaguely racist jokes when ever they get the chance...

Lethal Weapon:

The quintessential buddy cop movie. If you've ever uttered the phrase 'I'm too old for this shit', this movie is likely why.

The Long Kiss Goodnight:

School teacher Samantha Caine has amnesia, she can't remember anything from her life further back than the last 8 years. She's hired a private eye to help her uncover her past, but together they'll uncover a massive conspiracy that creepily mirrors some of the more convincing 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang:

Shane Black is often cited as the linchpin for RDJ's acting comeback, and this movie is why. A unique twist on the Shane Black staple odd-couple team up makes this one of my personal favorites.

Iron Man 3:

This might be our favorite Iron Man movie, and that might not win us many friends! People's main complaint about this installment is that it's more of a Tony Stark movie than an Iron Man movie. But that's the silliest thing I've ever heard, Tony Stark is Iron Man!

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