March 25, 2016

Movies You Know From One Clip: Samurai Cop

The clip you've likely seen:

Why you should watch the rest: We'd seen the clip of Frank Washington “reacing” to his partner being hit on and then snubbed by a nurse, though we didn't know what movie it was from until we randomly watched Samurai Cop. That scene is a mere taste of a movie that is pretty relentlessly excellent. Trust us, this is a film you don't want to miss out on!

What you should watch after: The Red Letter Media interview with star Mike Hannon.

What the actors said about the scene: Apparently Mark Frazer was not given any direction regarding what to react to, which is why his “reactions” are so over the top. 

Swag from Samurai Cop: Tim still has some swag from our first Tape Freaks screening available on his Storenvy!   

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