June 30, 2016

Double Trouble: Dead Ringer & Dead Ringers

We discovered something strange when researching movies to write up for this theme, the movies Dead Ringer and Dead Ringers are both movies about twins.

Dead Ringer: A callous and wealthy woman is impulsively murdered by her working class identical twin sister who assumes her dead sisters identity. The twins in Dead Ringer are exquisitely played by Betty Davis. The movie was basically a remake of the Mexican film La Orta which was about a twin killing her sibling and assuming her identity. And when I dug deeper into the research on this one, I found there was yet another layer in this movie turkduckin. Davis played her own twin one more time in A Stolen Life, yet another remake of a foreign film where a twin dies, but this time the death is accidental but, as the title suggests, the identity appropriation is again intentional.

Dead Ringers: This movie made me leery of twins for a good year, it's a truly unnerving Cronenberg character study. Jeremy Irons plays twin gynecologists that succumb to a barbiturate addiction. This movie is truly effective, but I never want to see it again. The worst part about this movie is that it's loosely based on the lives of Stewart and Cyril Marcus and a highly fictionalized novel of the same subjects called Twins.

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