June 1, 2016

No One Speaks the Same Language: The Last American Virgin

I made a reference about oranges appearing out of nowhere in the description of the theme this month, and you might be wondering what the hell I was talking about. Well, I was talking about The Last American Virgin.

We have never seen this film, but in Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films someone mentions this movie regarding a character paying for his girlfriend's abortion, then bringing her a bag of oranges and a Christmas tree as some sort of consolation gift. The person recounting that scene guessed the oranges' significance lied in some Palestinian tradition that didn't bear significance in our culture, though it could have just as easily been director Boaz Davidson's interpretation of American Christmas traditions. We might never know, because no one in Electric Boogaloo gives an absolute answer (and I can't find any answers on the interwebs) but that's part of the charm that comes from making art through filters; sometimes stuff happens that captures the audiences' imagination and  you'll have no idea if it was intentionally provocative or not.

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