May 31, 2016

Third Clue: June's Screening

Clue #3: June's movie was one of the movies we bought that birthed the Tape Freaks idea!

One day, a sixish years ago, went into this hole-in-the-wall video store in Fridley and hit the mother load of VHS tapes. I don't think I want to say how many VHS tapes we bought that day, but safe to say it was a lot. Though, it must not have been enough because we went back and bought many more. It was on this trip that we realized that the front part of the store with VHS for sale was not the meat of this business; this was a porn shop. And, it was owned by a serious republican who was drumming up volunteers for that years election through cold calling. It was the weirdest. But in order to justify buying many many VHS tapes, we started this blog, and the rest is history! Or anyway it's a story for another post.

Tape Freaks Presents: June's Mystery Movie! at the Trylon microcinema, Wednesday, June 1st @ 7:00pm, only $5!

Purchase advance ticket here.

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