May 26, 2016

No One Speaks the Same Language: Bloodsport

Oh Bloodsport, you are the gift that keeps on giving.

The plot unfolds something like this: Frank Dux was raised and trained to do one thing; win the Kumete, a no holds barred fight to the death tournament.

The language barriers: Frank Dux's Overinflated Ego vs. The Truth.

The problems the language barrier presented: Frank Dux might have been born with his confidence dialed up to 100, but Frank Dux is also a 100% bullshitter. A bullshitter no less, that believes his  own bullshit. Dux has claimed that he and Van Damme almost came to blows on a roof top somewhere during film production but JCVD backed down just before the fur started flying. The film is also "based on" Frank Dux's real life experiences, a claim that came into question INSTANTLY. Reporters have claimed everything from Dux manufacturing his own trophies from the Kumete to calling his "secret missions" for our military into question and everything in between.

Further reading: This LA Times aritcal from the time period Bloodsport was released is pretty no holds barred and the How Did This Get Made podcast has an excellent live episode covering much of the insanity as well.

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