May 4, 2016

Knock Off Movies: Nightkiller

This movie was released in Italy as the third Texas Chainsaw Massacre, though it's more like a Nightmare on Elm Street movie than TCM. That could be explained by the fact that this movie is written and directed by the man responsible for Troll 2, a movie with zero trolls in it...

The plot unfolds something like this: A woman is attacked in her home by an intruder wearing a mask. The intruder torments the woman and intends to kill her, but she manages to escape. She is then admitted to a hospital and released, only to be instantly kidnapped and held hostage by another tormenter.
The killer in his mask.

Full spoiler plot summation: The second tormenter is the woman's husband. But unless we talked over a key piece of dialogue (and it's possible we did), we're never told that incredibly important information. So to us, this was a really twisted torture-porn movie when ten mins before the end it's reveled that this lady's own husband was putting her through this horrible tourture to jog her memory for some bit of information we were likely never told she forgot (unless we talked over that too, but it seems like one of the four of us would have heard something if they mentioned things that important).
But the real reasons you should watch: I mean, I want someone else to watch this just to tell me if we missed some key dioluge, but it's pretty rapey...

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