May 30, 2016

No One Speaks The Same Language: Troll 2 & Best Worst Movie

There might not be a better documented instance of the theme for June's movie than Troll 2. On it's face, this is the film completely asinine (from the complete lack of trolls, or any connection to original Troll movie, to the asinine jabs at vegetarians), but the documentary Best Worst Movie reveals how some of those asininities ended up committed to film. And much of the how lies in the language barriers.

The language barriers: The director and crew only spoke almost exclusively Italian, but came to a small town in Utah to pluck some of the town folk out of obscurity and cast them in most of the main role

s. So a cast comprised almost completely of non-actors, with no film experience, were being directed by a crew who couldn't (and from the sounds of some accounts, couldn't be bothered to) communicate with them.

The result of those language barriers: The cast had no pretense about their performances, characters, or even what was going on around them, so what they committed to film ended up being some of the most genuine performances in a category that is usually dominated by ham-fisted and contrived performances.

My thoughts on the films: You can watch Best Worst Movie without seeing Troll 2 at all, but I saw the documentary first and then watched the film, and I'm pretty convinced that's the way to do it if you can.

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