December 14, 2016

Star Wars Holiday Special at Bryant Lake Bowl 10th Anniversary

A taste of one of the posters available!

Tonight will be the 10th Toys for Tots drive at Bryant Lake Bowl featuring the abomination that is the Star Wars Holiday Special. If you've never seen how bad this thing is first hand, this is a really fun environment watch it in. Audience members cosplay, there's booze and food on hand, plus you're in great company!

There are also two different screen printed commemorative posters designed and printed by local artists, so you can remember the horror forever and ever. Check out the fun if you can, tickets run out pretty so secure them as early as you can today!

The 10th Annual Star Wars Holiday Special Toys for Tots Benefit!, Wednesday December 14th @ Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater, doors open at 3:30, 6:30, & 9:30 (for screenings at 4:00, 7:00, & 10:00). Ticket price is a toy donation for Toys for Tots, tickets are available starting at noon!!

Detail of another poster!

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