December 30, 2016

The Films of Godfrey Ho: An Introduction to The Man

When talking about Godfrey Ho, we've often referred to him as the Ed Wood of ninja movies, but that comparison gives Wood far too much credit. Ho's short but amazingly prolific career makes Wood's seem quaint. 

Godfrey Ho's IMDb page lists 132 directing credits, 30 of which were released in the year 1988 alone. He also has 76 writing, 15 second unit directing, 8 producing, 7 acting, and 18 other crew credits. Almost 100% of these credits come during a 22 year time span. That's more than impressive, it's almost impossible! But, it's also an indication of what kind of quality we're looking at.

Nearly every Godfrey Ho movie we have seen so far shoehorns in subplot featuring American actors in suspiciously mismatched footage, wearing the most 80s "ninja" costumes you could possibly imagine, talking to each other about ninja-ing while getting everything you could possibly get wrong about ninja, 100% wrong. These subplots are completely nonsensical and full of laughable overdubbed dialogue. That isn't to say the rest of the over dubbing makes more sense, nothing that's said on screen matches what happens on screen.

Speaking of the main plots, each Ho film we watch seems to be two movies cut together in ways that could makes sense (if you ignore the the 80s ninja) but always manage to fall short of that. That only makes the action scenes that much more enjoyable though because you have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. Literally anything can (and usually does) come from left field in the middle of a pretty straight forward action scene, and it's always wonderful.

And we've only scratched the surface when it comes to watching his films, but every time we're pretty sure he couldn't top what happened in the last movie, he pulls out some new stops and we're left to assume it couldn't get weirder than that, surely...

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