February 19, 2017

Blacksploitation: Baadasssss Cinema

If you want a well balanced primer on the history of Blacksploitation, look no further than Baadasssss Cinema.

This hour long documentary with a look back through rose colored glasses on Melvin van Peebles' insanely successful independent film Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. Everyone interviewed talks about this being the beginning of what would become the Blacksploitation genre, about audience's the film at it's release, how it was the biggest grossing independent film up to that time, and how it influenced what came after. And just when things hit peak saccharin, Bell Hooks yanks those rose tinted glasses off and reminds the viewers what was more likely motivating van Peebles and company to make the film. I honestly can't recall a documentary with a more even handed narrative, there's new and insightful perspective on the subject at every turn. It's a masterful illustration on appreciating the great stuff our pop culture can produce, while addressing head-on the problems that can come with it. We highly recommend it.

And you can totally watch it for free on youtube! Check it out below:

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