February 18, 2017

First Clue: March's Mystery Movie

Clue #1: The theme for this month's movie: Blacksploitation.

This month's theme is one of the broader we've come up with (not to be confused with vague themes like last month's). Not only do Blacksploitation movies run the spectrum of genre, their tone can range from relatively straight forward, to unabashedly camp. Blacksploitation films can be produced almost exclusively by black creators, or be produced by white producers/studios featuring black actors. They can be problematic or empowering, sometimes in the same film never mind from flick to flick. Blacksploitation a huge umbrella, and this month we're gonna talk aaaaaall about it.

Tape Freaks Presents: March's Mystery Movie at the Trylon microcinema, Wednesday, March 1st@ 7:00pm, only $5!

****Purchase advance ticket here****

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