May 2, 2017

Theresa is Rad: Class of 1999 II: The Substitute

Sometimes we start watching movies to write up for a theme well before that theme starts (when I'm on my blogging game that is *cough-sofarbehind-cough*), but when we decided on a theme for our very first two Tape Freaks screening at our new Trylon home, we realized that we could write up a film that Theresa was screening later that spring in one of our themes! You can read what we were willing to give away at the time here (and there's some interesting behind the scenes tidbits in that post), but I did omit one pretty interesting thing about this flick in that write up...

Serious spoiler dead ahead: We watched this movie for our Machines Gone Haywire theme. In the original Class of 1999, android teachers are brought in to clean up the riffraff student body, and the sequel seemed to be basically the same premise. That is, up until the very end. The titular substitute in this film? He was never an android, he was the son of the creator of the original androids, suffering from severe PTSD from his military service days, and was just wearing some kind of super light weight bullet proof body armor that made him seem like an android the whole movie.

That little tidbit made the whole movie not fit our theme at all, but we still wanted to cross promote Trash Film. So we wrote it up anyway hoping no one spoiled it in a "well actually" comment, and lucky for us no one did. That is one twist ending that's so far out of left field, it's only good if you have no idea it's coming!

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