May 1, 2017

Theresa is Rad: The Soap Factory

Theresa has hosted film screenings in some pretty fun places besides the Trylon, and although her patio series is always on point, her haunted basement screenings at the Soap Factory were on another level! Sadly for the Tape Freaks household, October is always our busiest month so we regrettably didn't make it out to a single on of these, and it haunts us to this day... Here's the KILLER lineup we still kick ourselves for missing back in October of 2015:

Sleepaway Camp: If you've not seen this movie, there's a lot to unpack: it's filled with homophobia, there's a death by rape scene, and an incredibly problematic portrayal of gender identity issues. But, this film is also undeniably a classic 80s horror movie. It's (serious) problems aside, the execution of the horror effects, the production value, and a "twist" ending (that registers just above Scooby Doo on the there's-no-way-we-could-have-figured-that-out scale) makes this movie especially memorable. (And although I'm not super bummed to have missed this one, I bet the after-viewing conversations would have been very interesting to participate in.)

The Burning: A strange blend of an urban legend and Jason Voorhees' origin story, this film is truly under appreciated in the summer camp slasher genre. Some asinine kills, effects by Tom Savini, and appearances by very young Jason Alexander, Holly Hunter and Fisher Stevens make this a must see if you've not already.

Friday the 13th Part IV: The Friday the 13th franchise might be our favorite, and the fourth installment doesn't disappoint. A young Cory Feldman steals the show, but that's actually saying a lot considering that a young Crispin Glover gives him a run for his money in the few scenes he appears in. Combine that with a higher body count, effects by Tom Savini and one of the best "they brought him back from that?!?!" Jason death scenes, and you've got a pretty solid installment in a overall stellar series!

Motel Hell: This movie has it all, so much so that I'm always surprised by something I had forgotten on each viewing.  Cannibalism, torture, someone wearing a pig head as a mask, these things only scratch the surface of what this movie offers. It's also a horror-comedy that features some really strange (but also really good) cameos and stars some heavy weight actors that approach their slasher roles seriously, which makes the villainous stars that much more enjoyable to watch. Of all the films Theresa screened in that series, this was the one we REALLY regret missing. 

The Haunted Basement itself: Theresa wasn't just programing an epic film series for the Soap Factory, she was also helping the haunted basement experience behind the scenes! Seriously, is there anything she doesn't make cooler in the Twin Cities? 

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