September 23, 2014

Fred Dekker and Tom Atkins fans rejoice!

Night of the Creeps will be playing this Thursday September 25th at Theatres at Mall of America. It could almost be counted as another overlooked zombie film, if you relaxed your definition of zombie films to include reanimation for the purpose of incubating space slugs... This movie was a hit with critics and horror fans alike, and you'd think that would mean it was a rousing success, except the studios dropped the ball when it came to promotion and it ultimately bombed. Though a gem in the acting crown of Tom Atkins, the same fate fell upon Fred Dekker's follow up movie Monster Squad, sadly grinding his career to a halt before it even took off.

Speaking of Tom Atkins, Theaters ofMOA are screening Halloween III on October 23rd (that's eight moredays 'till Halloween if anyone's counting...) For us these two screenings eliminate two of our favorite movies to carve pumpkins to, but we're alright with bucking that tradition for watching them with a room full of people just as excited to watch these movies!  

As always the movies are $5 and start at 7:30. Night of the Creeps also has a free super secret mystery movie that follows, so its 2 movies for $5!

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