September 25, 2014

We finally watched the directors cut of Toby Hooper's epic space vampire movie Lfeforce.


This was a movie we'd had in our pile of possibilities for months and last night, our regular movie screening buddies decided, was the night to watch it. Here's what we thought:

It's certianly epic. In some of the final scenes there are literally piles of extras in considerable amounts of makeup lying dead in the streets of London. The sets and locations are fantastically grandiose.  The “weightlessness” of space and some of the acting are Over the Top, only adding to the fun. The pice de resistance? Patrick Stewart... with a full head of hair... kissing a dude.  

The first ten mins of the movie take place in space (where the "weightlessness" seams heavier than normal) where a crew of space dudes finds an abandon space ship with three completely naked humanoid survivors. After some of the other astronauts mysteriously die, our main protagonist astronaut returns to earth with the crystalized, sill naked, humanoid survivors who instantly run amok. Things only get weirder from there...  

Thank you for deciding for the group Hannah, it truly was high time we watched Lifeforce.

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