September 15, 2014

Trailer Trash IV: A New Hope (This Thursday!)

This Thursday the fourth Trailer Trash will screen at Theaters of MOA and we keep wondering how that's even possible. Actually, little makes us happier than the fact that other people enjoy going out to a theater solely to watch trailers as much as we do! In anticipation of Thursday we offer you some of our favorite trailers from past Trailer Trash screenings:

This trailer was headed for the cutting room floor of the inaugural Trailer Trash. But, thanks to Colette's insentient campaigning for this trailer to be included, Chris was struck with an idea that led to the first two Trailer Trash's "Audience Choice Packs". Back in those days there were two screenings, each with an audience vote at the intermission that decided which block of trailers would play after the break.  Much to the delight of Colette (and ultimately all in attendance) the pack with Nijinsky was chosen, and no one was disappointed.

Vice Squad:

All the madness of Trailer Trash might be summed up by this one trailer. It's relentlessly surprising; you truly cannot predict what will come next. Being able to watch this with a room full of people was incredibly rewarding.

Body Rock:

The song will be stuck in your head for weeks, the dance moves will melt your mind, the costumes will leave you speech less just after you ask yourself “is that Lorenzo Lamas..." We do not own this movie in our Tape Freaks collection, but some day we will... and that day will be glorious...


There's not much you could say about this one that it doesn't say for itself...

Come check out a night of fun packed with gems like these! The first 100 people to stop by the theaters Star Bar to snag a Trailer Trash poster and enjoy some pre-game entertainment in the theater, and stay after for a Super Secret Movie. It's a whole night of fun, and it's nothing to be missed!

TrailerTrash 4: A New Hope, MOA Theaters @ 7:30pm, Sept 18th, $7

Super Secret Movie screens immediately after, free of charge! 

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