February 19, 2015

Double Feature Tonight!

This is it! The first Tape Freaks presents event is this very night. We'll be hanging out in the the theater's Starbar at 6:30 having some beers and popcorn discussing nerdy movie stuff. The first 25 people to the Starbar will get a secret button pack that pertains to the first movie of the night. (As you can see, we've literally shrouded them in mystery for the event! If you choose to open your pack before the first movie, we ask that you're discreet so you aren't the spoiler for anyone excited to be surprised.)

A limited edition screenprint (run of 25 for each movie) available for sale at the end of each screening. But you might be lucky enough to score one by answering some trivia questions before each screening! 

$5 for 2 movies, VHS trailers pack, buttons, and possibly posters! 
First movie starts at 7:30, see you there! 

Super Secret Double Feature, Theaters at Mall of America @ 7:30, $5.

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