February 18, 2015

Oh Come Back Jonny

When the average person thinks of Neil Young they probably don't think writer/director. But in 1982 after releasing the album Trans (which features synthesizers and vocoders, also not what comes to mind when you think Neil Young) he co wrote, directed, and starred in the movie Human Highway.

Human Highway is a weird musical/comedy/psychedelic movie starring the likes of Devo, Dennis Hopper, Russ Tamblyn, and Dean Stockwell (who also co-wrote it). The plot follows waste disposal workers (Devo) who are transporting barrels of toxic waste when a barrel falls off the back of the truck. Meanwhile at a truck stop diner an awkward nerdy mechanic (Young) manages to knock himself unconscious and the rest of the movie is a strange dream trip featuring a tour bus with wooden Indian statues, Devo playing in a country-western bar, and a total nuclear meltdown. There is also a bizarre performance featuring Young and Devo jamming with Boogie Boy playing a synthesizer in a crib.

The movie is the definition of bizarre but absolutely a unique piece of art filmmaking, and also hard to watch on many levels for the average viewer. But for any diehard fans of Neil Young or Devo, I'd say its worth tracking down and seeing it at least once. It's a thing you'll never forget...

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