February 10, 2015

Double Your Fun!

After our sudden cancelation of the inaugural Tape Freaks screening in January, we had to make a choice to make about February; do we play the epic pick we had ready for January, or stick to the weirdness we had lined up for February? But then we asked ourselves an even more important question: why not both?

So on Thursday, Feb 19th you'll get two doses of epic weirdness for the price of one! Come be amazed, be confused, be thoroughly entertained, and then immediately do it all over again! We'll have fun giveaways and you'll likely hear about why we had to cancel January.

The movies remain a secret until the title hits the screen, but we want you to have some idea of what to expect, so we're going to throw out our first set of clues right...NOW:

Movie one features not one, not two, but three musicians turned actors.
Movie two features not one, not two, but three killers largely influenced by lunar eclipses.

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