April 14, 2015

That Guys!: Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China is stuffed full of recognizable actors, but it's That Guys still manage to stand out!

James Hong: This Minneapolis native is credited on IMDB with 399 acting and voice credits. That's 119 more credits than Sir Christopher Lee, and that's amazing. Movies: Bladerunner, Bloodsport 2 & 3, Tank Girl, Golden Child, Airplane!, Missing in Action, R.I.P.D.. TV shows: Doogie Howser, M.D., Malcolm in the Middle, Friends, Ellen, Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, Key and Peele, Drunk History. Voice work: Mulan, Kung Fu Panda, Dexter's Laboratory, Jackie Chan Adventures, Archer and so on.

Victor Wong: 3 Ninjas wouldn't be the same without him, but neither would Tremors, The Golden Child, Prince of Darkness, or of course Big Trouble!

Peter Kwong: Not only was was he in Big Trouble, The Golden Child, Gleaming the Cube and bit parts in TV shows from Jag to 227, but he was also John Stamos' best friend in a little film called Never Too Young to Die.

It's these through lines make watching movies so much fun, especially with a group. When you're watching something like Big Trouble and you see Peter Kwong, you might ask "why do I know that guy?" and from that question you might learn your friends know a little too much about Gleaming the Cube. Or maybe they'll introduce you to Never Too Young to Die. Or maybe it'll start an hour long debate about whether Golden Child was better than Coming to America. Regardless, That Guys burn into your memory, steal scenes, or hold entire movies on their shoulders and are some of our favorite actors.

And (you might have guessed) our Mystery Movie this month is bursting with That Guys, come nerd out on them with us this Thursday!!

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