April 8, 2015

Trailer Trash V:hs

Trailer Trash is this Thursday!!

As this is the 5th installment, we decided it had to be dedicated to the VHS gems of the 80s and 90s (see what we did there). All the trailers this round were taken from our extensive VHS collection and carefully stitched together to form the best, most awesome-to-date, fun-time-stravaganza you'll ever see (until the next one natch)! Come for a full show of trailers and stay for an ultra secret movie screening after because really, after all those trailers, you'll be itching for a feature presentation.

Stop by the theater's Star Bar before the show to get a free poster, chat with some fellow movie nerds, or just get yourself some mozzarella sticks and a Surly! Any way you slice it, we're excited to see you there!

Trailer Trash VHS: Thursday, April 9th @7:30 (6:30 for the Star Bar), $7

Also check out the Star Tribune article on us: HERE

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