March 29, 2015

That Guy Dick Miller

We've written about Dick Miller before but you really can't say enough about him. That's likely why Elijah Drenner made a documentary about him!

If you aren't familiar with Dick Miller by name, you most likely would recognize him from any of his  175 roles. He sells guns to the Terminator, he's the town drunk/snow plow driver in Gremlins, in the Howling he sells convenient books on werewolfs. He pops up in Pirannah, Chopping Mall, The 'Burbs, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, InnerspaceMatineeUnlawful Entry, Small Solders, and he's got a (rare) starring role in A Bucket of Blood.

We seriously can't wait for That Guy Dick Miller so we can learn so much more about this iconic That Guy. But we only have to wait for Friday because Trylon is screening That Guy all weekend! Check it out and know so much more about a man you've seen in everything.

Fri, Apr 4th 7 & 9pm
Sat, Apr 5th 7 & 9pm
Sun, Apr 6th 5 & 7pm

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