March 13, 2015

Genere Mashing: Housebound

If you've ever enjoyed a horror-comedy, haunting, or coming of age movie, Housebound will not let you down. Full of original ideas, fleshed out characters, and amazing twists and turns, this has quickly become one of our favorite movies to introduce to new viewers first hand.

The plot unfolds something like this: Kylie Bucknell has gotten herself arrested botching an ATM burglary and is sentenced to house arrest. While enduring her annoying mother and her "cabbage-in-a-sweater" stepdad she stumbles onto a decade old murder mystery that seemingly only she can solve.

Trope it is not: Though this movie draws on a classic set up, there is nothing classic about the execution.

Hollywood, Remake City: The remake is already in the works, but don't bother waiting for the US to ruin it for you, see the New Zealand version, it's on Netflix right now!

Reasons to watch: Amazing insults and reactions from every cast member, fantastic balance between creepy and funny, and amazing comedic timing.

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