March 5, 2015

Genre Mashing: Botched

This is one of those movies that's hard to talk about if you've not seen it. It's one best watched with no prior knowledge whatsoever. So, if you trust us, and you should, stop reading this and watch Botched right now! But if you need some further prodding, read on, but know even without spoilers, there are spoilers...

Plot starts out like this: Ritchie (Stephen Dorff) is having a string of bad luck. He's got one last chance to pay off a family debt to Russian mobsters by pulling a heist for them in a highrise in Moscow. The heist goes belly up when building security stops the elevator the thieves are riding on a floor of the building that's under renovation. And then shit gets seriously weird.

What to watch for: Plot twists you couldn't predict if you tried, fantastic casting, and loads of blood.

What we will tell you: This is the best heist-gone-wrong movie ever made.

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