March 9, 2015

Genre Mashing: Robo Vampire

A gem from the box art alone ----------------------------------------------------->
 The sleeve and credits said one “Joe Livingstone” directed this masterpiece, but a quick look on the IMDB told us it was actually Godfrey Ho, director of a-hundred-and-nineteen surely wonderful movies including gems like Ninja Terminator, Robo-Kickboxer, Clash of the Ninjas and a few more we own but haven't gotten around to watching yet.

Plot unfolds something like this: Some crafty drug smugglers have decided to train vampires to guard their drugs during transport. During an altercation with said vampires, a narcotics agent gets himself killed and then brought right back to life –by some questionable lab coated folks– to become a robot-cop hell bent on defeating the drug lords and their vampires.

And if that isn't amazing enough: There's a sub-plot that culminates in the wedding of a ghost and a vampire.

Things to watch for: Basement-sale budgets for everything, over the top run-on-sentence-exposition overdubbing, and a robot costume that seems like it was a very generous gift from a high school theater troup.

What we learned: This time we learned an actual thing! This movie is what we'd always called a “hopping vampire movie”, which we have now learned are called Jiang-shi. Behaving more like zombies than vampires, Jiang-shi hop as their mode of transportation due to rigamortis setting into their rotting corpses, they feed on qi (our life-force) rather than blood, and can be stopped by everything from the blood of a black dog to spilled rice.

Things you shouldn't care about: Every single actor in this movie (as well as almost all of the crew) never worked on a single other film, with two exceptions: Ernst Mausser (36 films) and Sorapong Chatree (57 films). Neither of those actors were even given credits in the original film!

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