October 15, 2015

House by the Cemetery

This is a movie that features a house next to a cemetery, or more accurately a house with some graves next to it. But that's inconsequential because the cemetery never really come into play...

The plot unfolds something like this: Dr. Norman has taken his wife and son to live in a remote victorian house while he picks up documenting the history of the house where his colleague Dr. Peterson left off. Dr. Peterson's studies abruptly ended when he murdered his mistress and killed himself. Young Bob (the Dr. Norman's son) receives a series of ominous warnings to leave the house via his friend Mae, who only he can see. All of these warnings are ignored by Dr. Norman who's become obsessed with his research. Will he discover the secrets the house holds, or will the secrets tear their family limb from limb? 

Creative kill: Carving knife stabbed through a victim’s head, entering the back of the skull and exiting through the mouth.

Things to watch for: A grave stone set into a living room floor. The greatest bat vs. human scene in horror. The best use of a basement in a menacing way. Some exceptionally strange make-up effects.

Disappointing things: The library scene doesn't end with a tarantula eating a guy.

Worst named character: Dr. Freudstein (the original owner of the house).

What we learned: When you move into a house next to a “cemetery”, have the basement inspected for detention-shifting-zombie-doctors before moving your family in.

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