October 14, 2015

Italian horror rapid fire list!

Some Italian horror worth noting!

Blade in the Dark: A film composer rents a secluded villa while working on a film score. He's also being stalked by a killer who may have a connection to the film he's working on....

Demons: A group of people invited to a theater to watch a movie. What they don't know is this movie features demons that will possess members of the audience. Some fantastic rubbery demon effects, over the top kills, and a rockin' 80's soundtrack! How can you go wrong?

Ghost House: A haunted house is sending out signals over ham radio which lures a couple to the house to investigate. Meanwhile an RV full of teenagers stop by the house to party. Things get genuinely creepy despite the fact that we're to believe ham radio operating is a very popular hobby amongst hip 20 somethings. This movie also features one of the creepiest clown dolls outside of Poltergeist.

Stagefright (1987): While preparing for opening night, a local theater troupe lock themselves in a theater for an all night rehearsal. Little do they know a masked murderer is locked in with them. This is a fairly straight forward slasher, except the killer has a very detailed owl mask...

Phenomena: Jennifer Connelly plays a girl who can telepathically control insects, Donald Pleasence plays an over the top professor, a score by Goblin, and directed by Dario Argento. What more could you want? What's that? You also want a monkey running around wielding a straight razor? Ok fine, just this once though.

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