January 29, 2017

Countdown to Colette's Birthday: Green Room

The thing topping out most people's New Year's resolution lists this year seems to be punching nazis, can't imagine why... but Green Room is a pretty good primer on the topic!

Plot unfolds something like this: Punk band Ain't Rights has added a last min show to their failing tour in hopes of being able play their way home. They're surprised to learn their last min show is in the middle of nowhere Oregon, at a club filled with neo-nazis. After a tense but successful set, the band gets themselves into trouble they can't get out of and suddenly must fight to escape the club with their lives intact.

Horror, or not horror: Though not a typical horror movie, really it couldn't be classified as much else. There's intense gore, clear cut villains, and the protagonist are trapped in a situation they are desperately trying to escape, but in traditional horror movies there's also at least one element the viewer has to take for granted (like the villain's ability to keep their murder habit up, or a character's super-human abilities, etc.). Green Room presents it's horror elements as though they could happen in real live without relying on suspension of disbelief, making it harder to categorize, and extra horrifying.

What we like best: It's a toss up between all the horror tropes this film bucks, and watching nazis get killed!

Song you'll be singing for days: Nazi Punks Fuck Off by the Dead Kennedys.

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