January 2, 2017

The Films of Godfrey Ho: Counter Destroyer

When we picked Counter Destroyer out of our Godfrey Ho to-watch movies, we pulled it out of a "double feature" box set where our options were a Robo Vampire sequel or Counter Destroyer that looked to have nothing to do with Robo Vampires. So we were SUPER surprised when a Robo Vampire appeared out of nowhere in the last 15 mins of the movie...

This is what we think was the plot: Group of vampires being controlled by a priest/monk are making a local crime syndicate's lives miserable. The same vampire-controlling priest/monk also feels it's his responsibility to warn a group of women that the house they're renting is cursed. (Or maybe it was haunted?) The group of women renting the house are part of a film crew that is shooting on location. One of those women is the screenplay writer, and she is hard at work finishing the script for the movie being shot. (Yes, I said she was part of the film crew and finishing the script.) Unfortunately for our plucky writer, a Freddy Kruger type character who has been tormenting her in her dreams has started tormenting her in reality as well! Will she be able to finish the script before shooting wraps? Will the crime syndicate be able to continue selling drugs or guns or whatever? (Did you have to go back and re-read because you forgot completely about the vampires and criminals?)

Reasons to watch: Aside from the clearly asinine story lines, there is a clear Nightmare on Elm Street rip-off being utilized for footage. Multiple time there are shots that are 100% ripped off from movies from the series including one that mimics the infamous bathtub scene from the original NoES, except in this film it's a bed instead of a tub. Oh, and Robo Vampire inexplicably shows up at the end to add to the climactic battle!

But don't take our word for it: The above barley scratches the surface on the layer-cake of surprises that is Counter Destroyer (aka The Vampire is Still Alive), but it's is available to watch in full on youtube! Check it out and see for yourself:

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