January 4, 2017

The Films of Godfrey Ho: Devils Dynamite

This Ho movie might have everything you could possibly imagine in it. None of those things connect to one another, but they're all in there!

The plot unfolds something like this: There are about 4 "plots" running around in this movie, the main one revolves around a drug smuggling and gambling ring who's head lady enlists a priest to resurrect vampires to protect her goods and generally do her bidding. It's a pretty straight forward crime plot with vampires sprinkled in. The other plots are far stranger and never connect to the main plot or anything else really...

The other things that happen in this move: There's man fresh out of prison is the only person who knows where a large sum of gold is hidden, and some people are desperate to discover his secret and take the gold for themselves. There's a sort of super hero that shows up when someone is in trouble (who looks suspiciously like Robo Vampire with a spray painted motorcycle helmet). And finally there's a little boy who keeps dressing up like a vampire to scare his friends only to be caught in the middle of actual vampire battles.

Another vampire and ghost situation: Though it's never really explained in the end, we're pretty sure one of the kids that the vampire obsessed kid is trying to scare is actually a ghost.

Don't take our word for it: This is another one you can watch on youtube, check this weird one out for yourself!

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