September 8, 2015


The director of this film has actually said “there is no contamination in this film what so ever” making this a confusing movie if you've picked it up based on the title. But that doesn't mean this film is anything less than bat shit crazy/amazing!

The plot unfolds something like this: A ship is discovered in the New York Harbor caring a cargo of coffee and dead crew people. The cops on the scene discover all the crew members have exploded from the inside. They also discover strange glowing eggs and pick one up, instantly discovering what's causing all the crew members to explode...

“How did this get made?” moments: Though the movie is called “Contamination” this is just a straight rip-off of Alien, better reflected in the the American title: Alien Contamination. The aforementioned eggs don't move on their own, leaving us to wonder how this movie was pitched in the first place.

Things to watch for: For a small budget film, there's an impressive amount of on-screen humans and alien eggs exploding. Some on screen romance that is amazingly awkward. A gripping scene where one of our hero is locked in a room with a terrifying egg! An impressive monster revel that you half expected not to happen.

What the star thought upon seeing the film the first time: That movie had a bigger budget than I thought. (The actual budget was so low he was floored.)

This director also directed: Starcrash, which you might remember from the first Trailer Trash.

What we learned: You can make shoe string budget movies look great if you know what corners to cut.

You can rent it digitally on Amazon. Or if you're into special features for movies like this, Arrow video did an amazing job on the Blu-Ray.

Check out the trailer here:

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